DashBuilder: Getting Started Guide

Creating Dashboards using DashBuilder Designer

How to start the Designer?

Data Sets

  • Prometheus: Generate a data set based on a Prometheus query
  • Kafka: Generate a data set from Kafka metrics.
  • Bean: Use to generate a data set from a Java class
  • CSV: Use to generate a data set from a remote or local CSV file
  • SQL: Use to generate a data set from an ANSI-SQL compliant database
  • Elastic Search: Use to generate a data set from Elastic Search nodes
  • Execution Server: Use to generate a data set using the custom query feature of an Execution Server
CSV data set creation
Previewing data sets
It is possible to filter a whole data set
Editing an existing data set

Content Manager

Content Manager welcome screen


Creating a new page
Page Editor
  • Core: Base static components that are not related to dashboards or navigation;
  • Navigation: Components that allow you to embed other pages inside your page;
  • Reporting: Dashboard components such as charts and tables;
  • Heatmaps: Specific components that show a business process heatmap.
Page Editor components
Static HTML Component
Component Properties

Reporting Components

Reporting components pallet
  • Type: In this tab, you can dynamically change the component type for the data set you selected
  • Data: The data that will be used by this component. Once the data set is collected you can configure it according to the displayer you selected
  • Display: All the chart settings such as size, axis configuration, and more.
Using the Table reporting component
Table configuration
Columns configuration
Creating a bar chart
Adding a filter
Filter configuration
Auto refresh
Time series component


Navigation Editor
Editing navigation
Navigation Components
Adding an index page

Export and import dashboards

Creating Dashboards using Java

Java dashboards creation

Dashboards deployment

Simple docker file for dashboards deployment
Running the dashboard on DashBuilder Runtime





A software engineer passionate about open source, open data, data visualization and Java development.

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William Antônio Siqueira

William Antônio Siqueira

A software engineer passionate about open source, open data, data visualization and Java development.

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